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Stillpoint Engage
introduces our latest program


for youth
We have partnered with Voyageur Outward Bound to provide MN youth opportunities to complete Outward Bound expeditions, expand their leadership and resilience skills, experience nature’s beauty, and

engage with their communities
in meaningful ways.

The first group of students journeyed through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in the Superior National Forest, MN. For some, this was the first time sleeping under the stars – in a tent! Six days in nature, far from conveniences. All students were stretched to explore their potential and to challenge their limitations –
inspiring them to create the future of their dreams.
This life-changing expedition engaged their resilience, strengthened their leadership skills, and prepared them to step back into their communities with a
fresh perspective and renewed energy.


from students

“This expedition was just the chance I needed to try something new, something different. And, I think I’ve found a bit of myself that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. This was only possible thanks to Stillpoint Engage and Voyageur Outbound Bound coming together. Thank you.”


“I used to think I had to do things by myself, now I know I can count on others – teamwork is important.”


“The expedition was difficult for me. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but people supported me, and that gave me strength. I am proud of myself for finishing.”


“ It was the beginning of an in depth self reflection of the future me”.


*At Stillpoint Engage, we have widened our lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are working to grow the current youth program to include all youth interested in strengthening their resilience, leadership skills, commitment to social justice and being change agents in their communities through authentic engagement.