Paramedic Depression & Anxiety Recovery | First Responder Mental Health. Ashley Neubauer is a #paramedic and volunteer #firefighter who has experienced #depression, #anxiety, painful flashbacks, and bad dreams. Her focus on recovery has allowed her to keep working as a #firstresponder.  

Paramedic in the Eye of the Storm | Mental Health & Paramedicine. Ian Stoddart, a #paramedic for 32 years, advocates practicing empathy for positive #mentalhealth. This is his #firstresponder recovery story.  

The three secrets fo resilient people. To most people in the field, resilience research is a calling, an academic interest or maybe even just a buzzword. For resilient expert Lucy Hone, it turned out to be an essential survival skill. In this powerful and personal talk, she shares the three strategies that got her through …

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Facing stress in our lives is an integral component of being more resilient, says Raphael Rose. In his research for NASA, Raphael finds that accepting and even welcoming stress helps us become more resilient, leading to a more meaningful, joyful, and socially connected life.